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  1. Baltimore Area American Flyer Club
    An American Flyer club focused on the mid-Atlantic region.

  2. - Baltimore Area American Flyer Club A non-profit model railroad club dedicated to American Flyer Trains. Our club is centered in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan although our membership extends from Pennsylvania to Virginia... Read More>>

  3. ★ Buildings & Pictures For Your Backdrops
    Buildings & Pictures usable for making layout backdrops.

  4. - Buildings & Pictures For Your Backdrop A backdrop is a vertical surface behind your trackwork that is used to extend the concept and vision of your railroad layout... Read More>>

  5. Baldwin Locomotive Works Web Site
    Baldwin Locomotive Works Web Site.

  6. www.trainweb.US/baldwin - Baldwin Locomotive Works The official unofficial BLW website where you will find photos and info of several of the locomotives... Read More>>

  7. ☆ Baltimore Railfans

  8. www.trainweb.US/baltimorerailfans - Baltimore Railfans Many railfan photos from the the Baltimore area in the year 2000... Read More>>

  9. Beatrice Area Railroad Enthusiasts

  10. - Beatrice Area Railroad Enthusiasts If you enjoy model railroading, watching trains, photographing trains, or just enjoy talking about trains, then you belong with us... Read More>>

  11. ☡ Bay Area Railrods

  12. ★ Battery Train Station

  13. - Battery Train Station My name is Dan MacKellar and I've been a model railroader for over 30 years. I also have an interest in battery operated train sets... Read More>>

  14. ☆ Mobile and Bay Shore RR Historical Society

  15. www.trainweb.US/bayshorehs - The Mobile & Bay Shore Railroad Historical Society Our historical society has brought together people from many parts of the Southeast, but we all have one common focus on a short-lived 39-mile-long branchline of the Mobile & Ohio railroad. Through the many pages of this website, we hope to document this line and bring the abstract fragments of the past into a concrete body of reality... Read More>>

  16. ☆ British Columbia Railway Historical Association

  17. www.trainweb.US/bcrha - British Columbia Railway Historical Association a Victoria, B.C. based group dedicated to the preservation of the railway history of British Columbia. Members of our group have in the past written a number of books on BC railway history... Read More>>

  18. ★ The Beachwood Railroad

  19. - The Beachwood Railroad On June 6 2004, the first G-scale train ran on a new outdoor G-scale layout on our backyard woods in Frankford Delaware. The tracks are Aristocraft stainless steel track, and there are two independent loops presently... Read More>>

  20. ★★★ The Jay Street Connecting R.R.

  21. - The Jay Street Connecting R.R. Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal, East River Terminal Railroad, Palmers Dock, A Comprehensive History: 1870 - 1983... Read More>>

  22. ★★★ Ben "Dutch" Myers Amtrak Travelogues

  23. - Ben "Dutch" Myers Amtrak Travelogues Many Amtrak rail travelogues and photos including many photos of Silver Rails County and the Depot Inn & Suites in La Plata, Missouri... Read More>>

  24. Bills' Hobbies

  25. www.trainweb.US/billshobbies - Bills' Hobbies Information about my hobby of modelrailroading, news and photos about the camping club I belong to, a page about the family pets, and anything else that I want to share with you... Read More>>

  26. ☆ Catch Siding

  27. www.trainweb.US/binaiks - Welcome to Railway Junction! A small tribute to the railfan community in India...A junction of Travelogues, Railfanning Reports, Image Galleries and Information about one of India's most Scenic routes - the Konkan Railway... Read More>>

  28. ★ Bluemont Branch
    Southern Railway & Predecessor Railroads.

  29. - Bluemont Branch - Southern Railway & Predecessor Railroads. From 1847 until 1968 there was a railroad that ran across several counties in Northern Virginia from Washington and Alexandria out to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hopes were high that this railroad would restore Alexandria's former position as a major shipping port on... Read More>>

  30. ★ Stories From The La Plata Amtrak Station Caretaker

  31. - So You Want To Work at a Train Station Some humorous and not so humorous strories from the caretaker of the LaPlata Amtrak Station... Read More>>

  32. ★ Bob Manning Amtrak Trip Report & Photos

  33. - Bob Manning Amtrak Trip Report & Photos Cachella Express Trip Report & Photo, Sunset Limited Trip Reports & Photos, 2008 RailPAC Annaul Meeting... Read More>>

  34. ★★★ Bob's RR Pix

  35. - Bob's RR Pix A variety of railroad related subjects including educational, geographic, and historic insights accompanying the pictures. Subjects include: Steam Locomotives, Depots, Empire Builder, Maintenance-of-Way, Rails to Trails, Light Rail, and more... Read More>>

  36. ☆ Railfanning Brantford and Beyond

  37. www.trainweb.US/brantford - Railfanning Brantford ... & beyond Railroad Photography by Brian Thompson, photos, cab ride, and more. I am a professional photographer based in Brantford, Ontario... Read More>>

  38. ☆☆☆ Railroad Crossings by Brett Wirick

  39. www.trainweb.US/brettrw - Railroad Crossings by Brett Wirick has been developed to help the railfan enjoy the western railroading scene. To make this easier, pages are developed following the host railroads own breakdown of its track, IE by subdivision. This segmenting applies mainly to the UP and BNSF, the dominate railroads in the west. In all cases, pictures and information are disseminated following a geographical format. This should help you to locate and duplicate what you find here on-line during your next trip... Read More>>

  40. ★ Bruces Railroad Pictures

  41. - Bruce's Railroad Pictures My web site shows real or model railroad pictures. Usually around central Wisconsin, USA... Read More>>

  42. ★ Badgerland S Gaugers

  43. - Badgerland S-Gaugers A Social Club for the promotion of model railroading - especially S gauge including American Flyer, high rail, scale and other facets - BSG Charter... Read More>>

  44. ★ Berryville & Summit Point Railway

  45. - Berryville & Summit Point Railway The building of the B&SP is for my enjoyment and eventually for the enjoyment of friends when invited to operation sessions... Read More>>

  46. ☆ Barron Tableland Railway

  47. - Barron Tableland Railway The BTR is in the southern suburbs of Sydney, NSW, Australia. A Garden Railway, G Scale, in 1:20.3, 1:22.5 and 1:24 scales. Based on railways in Far North Queensland from 1940 to 2010... Read More>>

  48. ☆ Buhl Model Railroad Society

  49. - Buhl Model Railroad Show Mission Statement: To introduce and promote the appreciation and legacy of model railroading to all ages through an annual holiday model train show as a part of the program of The Buhl Community Recreation Center... Read More>>

  50. Bulyea Junction

  51. - Bulyea Junction The website purpose is to document the history of the historical town of Bulyea. For it was here in 1925, Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Elevator #1 opened, providing a way for farmers to sell their wheat... Read More>>

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